Creating a Many Thanks Note for Your Boss

Creating a Many Thanks Note for Your Boss

Together of important representatives the newest inspired trend of China after 89s, Artisan Fang Li-jun has created a setting of indicating along with additional painters in this tendency, that is Negative Realism, among them, the „Bald Popi“ graphic developed by Fang Li-jun in his group of oil painting works produced since 1988, has turned into a form of classic dialect icons, which marked a kind of lasted experience of humdrum temper and Popi wit which were current in the late 80is and half of early 90is in China, more commonly, it marked thehumanistic and emotional feelings of modern people broadly. Maybe, the East and West, modern intellectuals all have become a little more Popi, since, once we experienced to in the world nowadays, we thought weak and dismayed more and more, and we’re nolonger performed as persons in Franz Kafka and Jiekemeidi moment, who is able to through revealing the ludicrous existence to offer port for their internal despair when have the oppression result from the environmental surroundings, and designated their particular independent will. Today we nearly can not separate the boundaries between people with the environment, the freedom we considered, possibly only a results of a certain form of environment, we laugh at the earth, maybe just laugh at ourselves, then we have no different alternative but becoming a Popi. Artisan Li- jun Disciplines Review: Mister. Fang Li -jun, who was simply delivered in November 4, 1963 in Handan city, Hebei state, China; In 1980 graduated from Handan College for Youngsters of Train Individuals;In 1983 finished in the Ceramic Fine Arts Office at Hebei University ofLight Market;In 1989 finished in the Print Section at the Key Academy of Fine-Arts; In 2004 was utilized as a visiting teacher by the Fine Arts Company at Jilin Art School Currently Li- served as a skilled artist and jun is currently residing in Beijing. Key Enjoyed Exhibitions: 1984: The 6th National Art Display (Guangzhou); 1989: China Modern Art Show (China Art Gallery, Beijing); 1992: China New Show 1992 Avant-Garde Art Exhibit; 1995: Your Millennium (Ludwig Public, German) 1996: Talk To China (Ludwig Forum, AACHEN German) nissan verta 2001: New Picture of Contemporary Painting 2002: Guangzhou Modern Art Display Triennial (Guangdong Art Gallery, Guangzhou) 2003: Alors, La Chine (Pompidou Centre, London) 2003: An Open Occasions (China Art Gallery, Beijing) 2005: New Function/New Purchases (MOMA, New York) 2007: China- Reality? Kunst Stiftung Ludwig (Modern Gallery, Vienna) 2007: Cina secolo. Arte fra identit e trasformazione?the Palazzo delle Esposizionz (Rome) 2007: China Modern Art Literature Show (Beijing) 2007: Athens – Modern Artwork from China Show (Greece National Modern Art Center, Athens) 2007: Facing China (Akureyri Gallery, Iceland) 2007: Half-Life of a Dream: Modern Chinese Artwork in the Logan Collection (San Francisco Bay Area Modern Art Gallery, U.S.A.) 2007: Berlin Asian Art Gallery Exhibit (Berlin Asian Art Museum, German) 2008: Dreams – 2008 Asian Art Biennial (Guan’du Memorial at Express Taipei Artwork School, Taipei) 2008: Avant-Garde China – China Modern Art in Two Decades (Express International Art Gallery, Osaka Japan).

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